Jessica's Choices

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The following material is for adults only. It depicts acts of lesbian and hetero sex and bestiality to include bondage, torture,and group sex.

If you are forbidden to read or obtain this type of material because of either content or your age please discontinue now. It is a work of adult sexual fantasy.

Now with that out of the way hello and welcome to Jessica's Choices. Here you decide what Jessica does and her fate.

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Jessica's choices

It was a beautiful day and jessica stanhead awoke hidden under piles of covers on her bed.

As Jessica meandered around her room in a sleepy state, her blonde hair loosely tied atop her head was less glamorous looking than she thought but dressed in only in an oversized Disney mini mouse t-shirt you coupd forgive her for just waking up.

As Jessica sauntered around her room looking at her holiday bags scattered across the room from the family trip to southern France she reminisced of the holiday and the cute boy she befriended at the hotel.

With a smile Jessica began to undress and soon whilst wondering around found herself standing in front of the mirror naked, checking herself out she couldnt help but notice just how good she looked as she pulled on her slightly see through black thong and her rather tight short skirt that stoped above her athletic thighs and showed her taned legs off really well, then pulled on her thin white blouse and couldnt wait to get out in the sunshine and feel the sun kiss her body it was the first day back after the summer holidays and jessica was feeling great to be back around her freinds again, and tell them about the boy.

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