+Jessica's Choices/Walk

From Create Your Own Story

As Jessica walked up the road lined by trees and walls towards her high school she heard someone shouting faintly behind her but as she turned around she was almost shocked with horror. Amy a fat milky white, blonde hair girl in the same year as Jessica came bounding up the street.

Jessica was always a little apprehensive around Amy, Jessica's friend Kerry had said and that "all the other girls think she is crazy and that she had the hot for Jessica"

When Amy caught up with Jessica panting for air the first thing she said was "WOW you look great! your legs are so shiny and have your tits grown"? as she lent forward to look down Jessica's open shirt at her chest, Amy noticed that Jessica wasn't wearing a bra. But Jessica quickly moved back out of the way, in instinct Amy followed her eyes and Jessica soon found her back against the wall with Amy looking at her with a smile that could scare a dog away, "you silly,... I just wanted to have a look it wasn't like i was going to touch you", "you do look fantastic though" Amy said again but more forcefully this time still smiling and showing a rather large gap between her teeth, "but maybe we should hurry up were running late"

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