In Watto's Shop

From Create Your Own Story

Shmi sat on an old and rusty stool in Watto's shop. She hummed as she polished one of the many pieces of metal that she had been ordered to clean. Her humming suddenly stopped as she heard Watto crash into a large pile of speeder parts, scattering them all across the ground. The Toydarian laughed an almost evil laugh and said, "Slave! Pick up this mess!" He laughed hardily as Shmi put down what she was doing and stood from the stool. She sneered at Watto before bending over to pick up the scrap metal. He very obviously moved to get a good view of her ass and even gave her a good slap when she had placed the last piece of metal on back where it was meant to be. Shmi hated when Watto touched her but knew that if she spoke up he would hurt her or even worse, hurt Ani. Watto smiled at her and said in the best seductive tone he could muster, "You know, I sent Ani to the market to get some materials I needed. He won't be back for at least an hour." Watto placed his hand on Shmi's breast making her shutter, but she didn't dare draw back knowing that he would hit her. "I want you to put your hands on the counter and bend over." He smiles deviously and then flies over to the door, closing it and locking it twice.

What do you do?

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