Get on your knees instead

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Shmi smiles as Watto turns away from her. She remembers that Ani said he wanted a toy from one of the shops in town and she knows that if she makes Watoo very happy he will definitely give her the credits to buy that toy. She lowers herself to the floor and waits as Watto locks the front door. When he turns to face her he smiles and lets out a laugh, "I can see you want something from me. I'll tell you this, if you make me feel good then I will give you what you want, so long as it's within reason of course." Shmi smiles again and looks up at Watto. She notices the tip of Watto's dark blue cock peeking out of his lower torso. She licked her lips, that always turned Watto on. Watto lowered his tip to mouth level with her and moved so close that he was almost touching her soft lips. She licked it with her warm and soft tongue making Watto shudder in pleasure. After about a minute of her sensual licking Watto's member had reached it's maximum length of about six inches. She kissed and licked it up and down it's length before taking his tip in her mouth and sucking just slightly on it. Soon she moved it farther into her mouth eventually taking the entirety of his cock down her throat. Now that she was sure she was able to take it all into her she began work it in and out of her, while playing with the base of his member with her hand. "I want you to finger my asshole while you suck me!" Watto moaned as he was noticeably getting closer to orgasm. Shmi stopped sucking for just a moment to spit on her finger making sure it was slick and wet. She reached around to Watto's ass and felt around to find his tight little asshole. She slowly played with his cock, just taking his tip into her mouth while she rubbed him with her other hand. She played with his asshole making sure there was enough spit before slowly pushing her finger into his ass. It was tight and pushed against her fingers in an attempt to force them out. Watto moaned loudly as she grazed his prostate with her finger. "Ahhh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over your face!" Watto screamed with pleasure. Shmi played with his prostate more and more and rubbed his cock faster and faster bringing him to a massive climax. He sighed with relief as huge waves of cum coated Shmi's face. She licked around her lips and smiled, she loved the taste of cum. "Yes... Good, slave. Eat your master's cum." Watto moaned as he stroked his now deflating cock as he watched Shmi eagerly eat all of the thick white goo on her face. When she had finished Watto smiled and said, "Now what was it that you wanted?" Shmi looked up at him and in her most sensual voice said, "I wanted to get Ani a toy from one of the shops in town but I don't have the credits. Since I made you feel good, will you give me some money to go get him something?" She licked off a drop of cum that was leaking from his tip making him shudder. "I suppose you did do a good job today, but I'm going to want to see you tonight." Shmi nodded and thanked him as he handed her a pouch of credits and went out the door to buy Ani that toy.

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