Humiliate you some more(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

"Take off all your clothes Katy!"

You take off what you're wearing while he leaves the room returning just as you sit back down naked on the bed. He makes you lie down on your stomach before putting some hot wax on your ass crack before he pulls it off removing your hair, your cries of shock and pain are short lived as you feel something cold, hard and slippery push into your ass filling it up. Then for the next hour he waxes your body smooth delighting in your screams as he pulls the wax off. With that done he then clamps some kind of device on your cock locking it in place before he show you the key before putting it in a wall safe.

"Oh my god what is this?"

"That is your new cage, you'll be able to pee through it and wash yourself but it won't allow you to get an erection and it will stay locked up until I'm done with you, now put the outfit back on and when you're done crawl on over and suck my cock."

You put the outfit back on while he sits and watches you in a chair opposite the bed, once you're ready you crawl on over to him. Reluctantly you continue where you left off downstairs but this time he isn't trying to hurry you instead he's sat back with his hands behind his head letting you work his cock. Has before you try to suck it as you've seen countless pornstars do and for the next ten minutes that's what you do until he pulls his cock out of your mouth.

"D'you like sucking Daddy's big nigga cock?"

"No!" You answer honestly

"Well you're going to keep on sucking it until you do enjoy it."

Sliding his cock back in your mouth you continue as before for another ten minutes before he once again slides it out of your mouth.

"D'you like sucking Daddy's nigga cock?"

"Yes!" You say lying to him.

"And what's your name."

"Steven, Steven Cross."

"We talked about this didn't we?"

"Yes, my girl name is Katy."

He leans forward and whispers in your ear.

"Now go lie down on the bed put your legs in the air and pull your ass cheeks apart. I'm going to fuck you until you enjoy it."

Do you?

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