Do as he says(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You stand and walk over to the bed before laying down on it and place your legs in the air, slowly you pull your ass cheeks apart your fingers brushing the butt plug as you do. He walks towards you with a smile on his face before pulling you towards the edge of the bed and make you watch him smear lubricant all over his cock. You feel him tug at the butt plug and he pulls it out slowly you feel it pop out of your ass and are relieved it's out, but your relief is short lived as he replaces it with the head of his cock, you howl in pain as it slips into you asshole and you instinctively let go of your ass cheeks and try to push him away. Your efforts are futile as he uses his superior strength to impale you on his cock, not stopping until you feel the hair on his balls tickling your ass cheeks.

"Now you have Daddy's big nigga cock in you Katy, how do you feel?"

"It hurts!" You cry.

"But do you like it?"

"Yes!" You lie to him knowing he's going to fuck you until you say it does.

"You like it even though it hurts?"

"Yes!" You reply.

It seems to be the cue he was waiting for as he pulls half way out before slamming into you again. He fucks you hard and fast ignoring your pleading for him to stop or even slow down you feel it's never going to end when his cock feels like it swells to twice it size and he bellows a triumphant roar as he cums in your ass. He rests awhile looking down on your tear streaked face before pulling his cock out of you and leaving the room. You don't know how long it is before he returns as you're too shocked to move, when he does return he takes the cage off of your cock and throws you your shorts and you waste no time getting out of there.

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