One month later(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You're just settling back at college, it's been a month since your encounter with Mr Jackson the memory of which you've pushed out of your mind. You had decided to ignore what happened and it helped you were now back at college and able to let your studies distract you. You've finished college for the week and you're stood looking for a drink to quench you're thirst when someone taps you on the shoulder you turn to see a pot bellied black man with a toothy grin complete with a gold tooth.

"Do I know you?" He asks.

"No!" You reply.

"Are you sure? It seems as if I've seen you somewhere before!"

"I attend the local college you may have seen me in passing!"

"That must be it, sorry for bothering you."

He turns and walk towards the cashier to pay for his groceries as you go back to browsing, it doesn't take you long to find what you want and pay. You exit the store and see the black stranger outside stood next to a car and when he sees you he beckons you over and seeing no reason not to, you approach him.

"Hello again, I know where I know you from now, we have a mutual friend, Marcus!"

"I'm sorry but I don't know a Marcus!"

"He said you were going to the college in the area and I should look you up, surely you know Marcus? You dressed up as red riding hood for him."

You could picture the rusted mailbox now with M.Jackson blazoned on it, the M must stand for Marcus, you watch the stranger open the passenger door and indicate for you to get in.

"No it was a one off, I don't do that kind of thing anymore!"

"Marcus said you'd be reluctant, but if you're not in this car by the time I count to ten there will be flyers of you sucking on a black cock all around the quad, and I don't need to tell you it's bad enough to be a white girl caught sucking black cock around here. One. Two."

Do you?

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