Hesitate. You take a moment to remember the steps of plan through your head.

From Create Your Own Story

You pause for a moment, running the mission through your head. The Red Lance will not take the fall for Prince Nehro. The mercenary will do his best to kill the prince. You need to get to the Duchess during the chaos. If you are too slow, your fellow agents in the crowd will not be able to give you the cover you will need. You are to bring her down alive and extract her from this Northern hellhole. Never look back, and trust your brothers.

"Damn it, Squire! I said Lance!" your lord reprimands. You cannot see his face through the perforated helmet, but the old mercenary sounds ill-tempered and short on patience. The Prince is across the list, sitting atop his blue-draped war horse. Nehro raises his lance to start the joust.

You push the 12' foot long weapon into his outstreched gauntlet. "Get your head back in the game!", the Red Lance scolds. As you turn, you try to pull the small dagger from the side of the mercenary's belt but miss. The Red Lance has already begun to charge down the length of the list before you could get your bearings. You now have to accomplish the task required of you unarmed.

You step towards the raised canopy where the Duchess sits. You gaze up at her as a hive of hornets kill any butterflies that were present and conquer your stomach as their own. She is more beautiful than you could have imagined. A guard steps forward as you near. "Halt roight they-ah, Squi-ah," the guard warns, sticking out an open hand. Your timing is already off by only seconds but it's enough. There is a clash in the background as the Prince and mercenary meet. In the uproar of the crowd's cheers you rush forward.

The guard places his elbow square into the center of your face.

Try to fight back.

Crumple to the ground and cover up like a coward. They don't know what you were doing. Maybe you can play off your failure.

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