He laughs in your face(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

He starts to laugh.

"You stupid boy, you've no proof, no hard evidence. You see Steven if I wanted to blackmail someone, say a student at this school, I would tell them that when the next locker inspection happens something bad is going to be found in their locker."

"Like what?" You ask.

"Maybe something that could get them expelled, or even in to trouble with the police. That is of course unless they did exactly what I told them too. Do you understand?"

"Yes." You reply meekly.

"That's good." He writes down something on a piece of paper. "When you get home tonight you'll tell your folks you have a lot of school work to do and you're going to do it at a friend’s house, if not, well you know what will happen."

You take the note and leave, you spend the rest of the day in classes not really concentrating, after school is over you go home.

Do you?

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