Go to the address(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You arrive at the address he gave you, and it's not what you expected, instead of the run down house in the projects, you're faced with a nice looking house with an immaculate looking yard to my match, you knock on the door and wait. He answers it pretty quickly and ushers you inside and leads you through into a bedroom, you look around and it looks like it's a girl's room. On the bed his schoolgirl's uniform and a cheerleader costume, you think you know where this is going but it doesn't stop you asking.

"What's going to happen to me?"

"You're here to fulfil my fantasies, so pick an outfit and get changed, the make-up you need is over there." He says pointing to a dressing table. "You know where the front door is should you change your mind, so if you’re going to leave do it now, because after you've changed, I'll see it as full consent to do with you what I want."

He turns and leaves the room, you look at the costumes' and then at the door. Getting out seems too you as the best option, but the consequences could be awful, or maybe put on the cheerleader outfit and let him do what he wants to you, your final choice seems to be the worst idea, dress like a schoolgirl and go out there and take charge of the situation after all sucking his cock wasn't that bad and being in control may make it easier on you.

Do you?

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