He follows you in(LeroySLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You're a little surprised to notice he's following you, but you head into the kitchen and start to put away the groceries, he follows you through to the kitchen and stands quietly looking at the floor.

"So are you wearing anything sexy underneath those clothes today?"

"Yes." He replies in a low whisper.

"Are you here to get fucked again?"

"Yes." This time is answer is barely audible.

"I have a PC in the rec room it needs setting up, think you can manage that?"

He turns and heads in that direction and you finish putting away your groceries and head towards the rec room, upon entering the room you see him setting up the PC but all he's wearing is a lacy pink thong and bra, your cock hardens rapidly but you steel yourself determined to see how far you can push him so you let him continue what he's doing, After putting in a few passwords the PC is up and ready.

"Did you get the camera set up?"

"Yes sir I did."

"So how do you record?"

"You can do it through the program or push this button." He pushes the button to demonstrate.

"Fine now get over here and suck my cock."

"I can't do that."

"Oh I see, you're using this poor old man, when you want a booty call slip on something nice and Mr Goodwin will give you a good hard fucking, well no deal you want it in your ass you suck it first nobody rides for free."

You had expected him to argue, to whine and moan but he just walked towards you and dropped to his knees turning side on to the camera you watch the screen as he slowly takes your cock out your pants, turning back you look down as he licks the tip of your cock before slowly moving his mouth over the tip. You haven't had a soft pair of lips around your cock in a long time and it isn't long before you feel yourself cumming.

"I'm going to cum boy, are you going to swallow it?"

He shakes his head no and you pull out holding his hair with one hand you use your other to finish off spraying his face with your cum.

"Next time maybe you'll swallow and avoid this mess, now get out, come back tomorrow maybe, if you beg hard enough, I'll fuck you in the ass."

You watch as he grabs his clothes and leaves noting he didn't even wipe his face this feeling of power over him stimulates your flaccid cock such a shame you sent him home.


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