A knock at the door(LeroySLBC)

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You hear a knocking and are about to tuck your cock away when you realise it is the back door, figuring he's back to beg for your cock, you leave it out. You open the back door wide and say.

"Back to beg for more?"

"Oh my god mister, was that Timmy? Was that cum on his face? Why was he here? Oh my god, oh my god."

You recognise the boy in the thong from earlier who seems transfixed on your cock.

"Are you going to stand jawing on the doorstep, or are you going to come in?"

He walks past you into the kitchen and you close the door, when you were growing up the white boys used to treat you like dirt and you marvelled how times had changed.

"To answer your questions yes it was Timmy, that was cum on his face, and he's was here because Friday I saw him wearing the same type of underwear you're wearing and he came to ask me not to tell anyone, but before he could ask me I decided to bend him over that table and fuck his sweet ass, today he was back for more but I allowed him to suck my cock instead."

You recognise him now, he lives across the street with his mom and three sisters always pushed aside and starved for attention.

"So you got to be really special to service me and my cock and I don't see you being that special."

You watch him wrestle with the question, the very fact he hasn't turned and ran means he's interested.

"So, is there any way you can be more special than Timmy?"

"I can dress up fully, make-up and everything, I even went out dressed like a girl a guy even asked me to give him a blowjob but I got scared and didn't do it, I could go home and dress up now if you want and you could come over, no ones due back until later."

Do you?

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