Grab all the clothes of the running girls so they have literally nothing to wear to come back to

From Create Your Own Story

"What's all this mess?" asked Beatrice to no one in particular, signaling the clothes in the corner of the room and the rags in the floor. "You," she said, pointing at a random blonde girl, "come and get rid of this garbage. If I find out you didn't get rid of it properly I will be very displeased with you, do you understand?"

The girl nodded vigorously, and immediately dropped the broom she was holding to start grabbing the clothes of the poor running girls and two other of their roomates, currently watching as well. It was obvious the blonde girl had no choice. The clothes better be rid of and never be heard of again.

Beatrice exited the room smiling to herself, and walked away from the miserable shack as the girls behind her resumed their activities with even more fervor than before.

Laughting, she talked to herself.

"I hope your enjoy your stay in Solitude Academy, Michelle," she said, delighted. "Nice second morning, young lady? I bet you didn't expect having to sleep naked embracing some other little whore like some common dyke, just to be awakened to do morning laps in the nude. I bet the people around will enjoy watching your little butt running naked, especially those despicable boys. There's a surprise back at your room, though. You better not miss class, however. You must go to your classes even if has to be without any clothes."

What is next in Beatrice's day?

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