Go up and submit for him

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You smile and get on your knees in front of him. He lets out a grunt of appreciation as you begin massaging his growing bulge. His manhood grows in your hands as you unzip his pants and stroke him through his underwear. You let the musk wash over you as you slowly lower his underwear to reveal his throbbing shaft. You hear him mumble something, but your too fixed on his thick hot rod.

You jack him off while he stands above you, moaning in lust before he grabs the back of your head and begins to force you onto his manhood. You open wide as he slips into your mouth. He pulls back after grinding his cock against the roof of your mouth and spreading his taste all over his tongue. He pushes back in slowly but with a large amount of force and you are soon pushing against his hips and whimpering as you start to gag. He pulls out completely and patiently lets you break into a coughing fit as you try to cope with having such a large obstruction forced down your windpipe. You nod that you are ready to start again as you wrap your hands around your own hardon sticking through your fly.

He grabs your head with both hands and you suddenly realize what he is about to do, but you are not fast enough to stop him before he rams his entire dick down your throat. Your eyes open wide as he plugs your windpipe with his cock and you thrash underneath him even as you jack off. You whimper in submission as he forces you up and down his shaft while humping you.

You twist and squirm, trying to get free as he roughly uses you for his own pleasure. You keep jacking your dick as he moans loudly and cuts off your breathe by cumming down your throat. By now your lightheaded, but you don't care as the asphyxiation gets you closer and closer to orgasm. He pulls out right before you pass out and holds your head directly under his cock as he paints your face with his cream. You gasp in air rapidly as you feel your balls boiling and jizz being forced up your dick. You paint his legs with cum as he pushes you onto your back.

You lay there gasping as he gathers his stuff and leaves, obviously believing he got enough of what he wanted from you. What now?

Stop him and give him your number

Let him go and rest

Let him go before calling the cops

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