Go in together

From Create Your Own Story

As both girls were running late they decided to go in together.

Oh I'm glad you have decided to grace us with your presence Jessica, came the voice at the front of the class.

Right girls come in and sit down, I'm glad you could both make it FIVE MINUTES LATE Mrs. Beth said with pursed lips whilst giving Jessica a look of disgust. Since you two girls can't turn up on time you too can pair up and try to catch up with the rest of the class.

As both girls were pointed to a table at the front of the class assuming their seats Mrs Beth decided that she would like to speak with Jessica alone. "Oh Jess can I talk to you for a min outside please?" whilst walking towards the door.

Jessica was ushered outside the room and taken down the hall where her classmates couldn't hear anything of the conversation. Now just because you done very well in tennis before the summer break started Mrs. Beth and everyone here is very proud of you, does not mean that you can simply just turn up when you like. I'm not interested! I want you here and I need you here to complete all your higher's or you wont get that scholarship and I will hold you back if I have to.

I don't want to but it's my job to make sure that you study well and study hard continued Mrs Beth. Now I'm going to make a point when we get back into class and if you don't do as your told I will stop you from getting into college young lady. Do I Make Myself Clear?.......

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