Yes miss.... jessica said rather shamful

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Now get in there and study!

As Jessica walked back into the class Mrs Beth stopped her and made her walk in front of the class, now Jess I want you to lie down on this table here? WHAT shouted Jessica , I don't think so , oh I do if you listened to a word I said outside or perhaps you would like to go and see the head teacher?

Jessica hated the head teacher she was a right bitch and hated Jessica because of how good she looked and how well she was doing in her tennis and always felt like the teacher was looking at her in a sleazy way.

Jessica began to pull herself up onto the hard cold surface of the steal table but her short skirt wasn't helping much and turned more into a belt with the delight of some of the girls in the class and Mrs Beth couldn't help but widen her gaze at Jessica's black thong that had tighted up around her pussy and although the see through part was above anything visible her thong didn't leave anything to the imagination.

okay dear lie down , but its cold Mrs be......

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