Go get drunk at the town pub

From Create Your Own Story

Despite being a prince, you are still pretty dumb and immature enough to not realize how easy of a target you are when you are without any guards in a town pub getting drunk. You quickly head over even though you just woke up to catch up on a little morning drinking. As you enter the pub, you have to wait a minute for your eyes to adjust due to the fact it is as if there was no sun inside the pub itself. After your eyes adjust, a couple things catch your eyes. The first is the bartender brutally ramming another guy bent over his countertop. The next is another man sitting in a booth obviously getting some head from under the table, but the forceful way he is using his arms makes you question how willing his partner is. Lastly, you see another man sitting in a booth with his back to you, but you can hear some audible slurping sounds. What do you do?

Talk to the bartender

Talk to head man

Find out what the other guy is doing. (Warning CV)

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