Find out what the other guy is doing. (Warning CV)

From Create Your Own Story

As interesting as the other two are, you can't help but wonder what the third man is doing. From the obscenely loud slurping sounds and the moans escaping his lips, you assume he is getting a blowjob, but are surprised at what you discover. A naked man with a hard on was being engulfed up to his chest in the other man's erection. His muffled shouts and moans are obvious to you now that you can hear over the man's cock muscles working him in slowly. You know you should help, but the lewd sucking sounds mixed with the musk is turning you on to your surprise. The predator realized you on looked up to make eye contact. Seeing your shocked expression, he quickly explained:

"He offered me a blowjob, but he sucked at sucking so I made up for it. You want to help empty him once I'm done here or do you think you won't be able to perform up to the task?" he asks motioning to his nuts.

What do you say?

"I got this"

"I think I can do better" Warning (CV)

Try to help the guy

Just Leave

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