Get raped

From Create Your Own Story

Your cock hardens at the thought of someone forcing you to bend over for them, and you smile to yourself as you get dressed and head to the alleyway you heard about at work. You take a few minutes to call in sick to work and clean up your house before heading out. Your ridiculously large testicles are impossible to hide completely and you get some odd glances, but no one tries anything as you walk to the alley, much to your disappointment. You turn into the alley and immediately see a man getting facefucked against the wall by a homeless man, and another getting fucked and choked. Your cock starts to harden as you listen to their muffled protests and the grunts and moans of the men above them. What do you do?

Cum on all of them

Leave them alone and walk down the alleyway

Get the oral man

Get the anal man

Get the man getting facefucked

Get the man getting fucked

Back out and walk away

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