Cum on all of them

From Create Your Own Story

You simply step into the alley and start to stroke your cock as you stare at the lewd scenes in front of you. Your cock has been ready to go the entire time you were coming here and now you finally get the release you have been waiting so patiently for. You wrap both hands around the base and start to move them them up slowly, forcing out as much pre as possible. When your hands get to the head of your cock, you smear the pre in your hands to lube yourself up. you then bring the ring you're making with your hands all the way down to the base again, than back up, then down. You continue jacking off as the muffled protest of the people in front of you grows louder. You moan as your cock gets ready to blow, and you can practically see the cum forcing its way out. You let out a moan that almost sounds like a scream as you thrust your cock into your hands one last time before you are overwhelmed. Jizz shoots out of your cock in a seemingly endless hose-like spray and covers the people in front of you. Your fire hose keeps going and you black out from the pleasure. You can't think and you fall to the ground with your cock still cumming. You are soon covered in cum and a pool starts to form around you. All your senses are lost in a sea of white and an endless stream of pleasure. By the time you finish with your orgasm, the entire alleyway, all of its occupants (including yourself), and the surrounding areas are completely covered. You sigh and relax in a pool of your own cream before deciding what to do.

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Go to the bar1

Go for a walk1

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