Forced Exhibitionist

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Miranda. You are 24 years old and have what most people would say is the perfect body. You also are shy and try to hide your body with baggy clothes so that you don't attract too much attention. You live with a roommate named Lindsay, who is cute, but not nearly as good looking as you are.

You finished college about 2 years ago and started working as a bookkeeper for the local office of a international company. Lindsay works in human resources, on a different floor, at the same company. One of your job duties is to process the payroll. It was never a problem--until today. Today, you went to your bank during lunch to get some money found out that for your last paycheck instead of paying yourself $2,000, you paid yourself $2,000,000. You realize at once that you could get into a lot of trouble, but you don't know how to give the money back and don't know what to do. After lunch, you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to give the money back without anyone noticing.

After work, you and Lindsay drive home together. You are obviously distracted by something. "What's wrong?" Lindsay asks.

What do you say?

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