Force yourself on Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

You step towards Jenny and place your hands on the car on either side of her, your body pressed against hers. "I'm sorry, but I've waited so long and I really need you tonight," you whisper as you kiss her neck.

"No, stop it." You press your lips to hers, your tongue slipping into her mouth as she opens it in protest. Jenny squirms as you pin her to the side of her car, her hip grinding against the growing bulge in your pants. You grab her wrists and hold them as you kiss her again.

"Please, just relax," you say softly, "I want you to enjoy this as much as I do."

"Get off me!" she cries. You move your hand to Jenny's chest, cupping her soft C-cup through her top. Jenny swings her free hand towards you, pushing at your face as she tries to stop you.

Do you:

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