Keep molesting Jenny behind the bar

From Create Your Own Story

You grab Jenny's wrist and twist it as you turn her around onto the hood of the car. "Don't make me hurt you," you say in her ear as you lie over her, pressing her chest into the sheet metal, "I really think I could make you feel good." You kiss and nibble her ear as your hand slides under her body, caressing her chest again. Your cock strains to get out of your pants as your groin rubs against the back of your dreamgirl's skirt, her ass writhing as she kicks behind you in vain. You slide a hand down her tummy to her crotch, a groan coming from Jenny as you rub her through her clothes.

"I want to make you cum," you whisper.

"Let me go," Jenny cries, "Don't rape me." To your surprise, you feel a warm wetness in your underwear, jizz spurting into your pants as your cock can't take the excitement.

As you pull Jenny's skirt up, you suddenly feel an intense shock course through your back, seizing your muscles and dropping you to the ground. You look up at the broad shouldered bouncer holding a stun gun. He quickly pins you to the ground, holding you for a minute untile the police arrive. You are arrested and tried for sexual assault. In prison, you get to be Big Jake's "dream girl."

The End

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