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Write the title of the story you vote for below, in the most recent vote section. If the story is already there put a plus symbol beside it. (+)
To help keep the featured story somewhat all-ages appropriate please don't vote any adult stories.


Preferred Vote Format is: [[Story Name|Any Necessary Spelling Corrections]] || {{PAGESINCAT:Story's Category Name}} Pages || Small description

Featured Story Vote || March, 26th, 2014

A Day At The Races || PG-13, 16 pages [completed story] || You need to win $1,000 in a day betting on the horses.

February 19th, 2015

2012 || PG-13, Work In Progress || You try to escape and survive from the apocalypse (the 2012 business)

August 5th, 2015

An Interactive Game Of Thrones Story || Mature, Work In Progress || You live your fate in the Universe of Ice And Fire.

Portal || Work In Progress || You sprawl through multiple and diverse portals, encountering spontaneous characters and hyperbolic events, overflowing with ridiculous meta-narratives and extreme consequences for all actions

Piggy's Day || Mature, Work in progress || One of the largest non-adult stories on the site with 534 pages, seemingly down-to-earth at first, but has copious amount of stupid and violent humor, and can escalate into just about any absurd situation.

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