Fallout: New Vegas

From Create Your Own Story

You come to, a bright light flaring above you. You keep your eyes closed as your head throbs in pain. Strangely, your mind feels...clear, but also like something is missing. Your thoughts seem more organized, but your past...how you got here...remains murky.

You remember being a courier for the Mojave Express. You remember some of your life in the past, growing up and wandering the wastes, along with some pretty...interesting stories, before finally arriving in the Mojave and taking up a job as a courier. The most recent thing you remember is delivering a strange package...no, you never made it to your destination...that idiot in the checkered coat. He...he shot you in the head. Which brings about the question. Where are you now?

Eyes still closed, your head throbs, but you can feel the dryness of the air. Yet, under that is a smell of chemicals, perhaps an attempt at cleanliness. Finally deciding to wake up, you open your eyes. Even the dim room hurts your eyes as you look around at the quaint room, obviously a doctor's office...or an attempt at one.

You look to your left to see an old man sitting in a chair watching. He seems kind and caring, though maybe you're being biased, seeing as how he saved your life.

As you move to sit up you...

...feel your breasts wobble in your new jumpsuit.

...find that your jumpsuit holds an erection, strangely enough.

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