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NOTE before continuing character customization: This site has no form of memory, so it is difficult to keep track of choices with a few hundred different combinations. Instead, certain choices will lead to you earning Trigger words , which will usually be bold. These words may come up in later choices. For example, if you choose the Charisma skill, a choice may later say "[Charisma] Charm her". Technically, nothing stops you from choosing this option if you don't have the skill...but c'mon, you're already on a sex site that is all words, so at least play right.

You struggle to sit up, the bed squeaking under you in protest. As you do so, you notice your breast, hell, all of you, are simply in underwear, left to wobble as you move around. You look around the room more, seeing the usual clutter and dust common in the Mojave, the feel of the area slowly returning. You also become more aware of your own body. There is an old man watching you, his gaze seeming to linger on your breasts occasionally, though not too much. Something in your says that this is no new occurrence.

"Woah, there, youngster. Just take it slow, you're lucky to be alive."

A quick conversation reveals what you already assumed, this man, Doctor Mitchell, had saved your life from near death. Apparently a robot named Victor pulled you in from the grave, allowing you to survive. You had woken up in this small town of Goodsprings, a name that plucked an old, discordant string from your memories. Those old memories seemed strange now...like a movie you had watched, not a life you had lived. Anyways, after talking a bit, the Doc wanted to be sure he'd fixed your brain and face up right, so he decided it might be best to run some tests on you to make sure you're fine.

When he asked your name...you strangely almost came up blank. You remembered a name you went by, but some feeling of fate told you that this point would begin your life anew, so your old name wouldn't suit you. You left that name...that person, back in the grave the checkered-coat man dug for you.

"Call me, Courier."

Move onto the physical test

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