Fairy Fun

From Create Your Own Story

Unless stated otherwise, all characters are at least 18 years old.

You're a tiny fairy living in a beautiful meadow with others of your kind. Life is beautiful! You don't want to leave! But you also can't help wonder about the outside world. You decide that it's time you experience it! You want to see all the kinds of things that mortal get up to! You want to play with them, make their lives better!

It's time to leave the nest, but where to start?

There's a young warrior in a green tunic. I'll help him on his adventure! (Zelda) (2)

There's a short red girl with a picnic basket. What's her story? (Little Red Riding Hood) (8)

There's two humans wandering in the woods. I wonder if they're lost. (Hansel und Gretel) (0)

There's a pretty blonde. I want to watch her! (Goldilocks) (1)

There's a girl playing with little animals. I can relate! (Snow White) (0)

Who is that scary looking lady? I want to know! (Sleeping Beauty) (0)

Is that a fairy boy? Ooooh! (Tom Thumb) (4)

Hmm, I don't like these. I'll just keep flying that way, straight on till morning. (Peter Pan) (0)

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