FCh: You arrive at work...

From Create Your Own Story

"May I take your order?"

"I would like a triple skinny, two-thirds decaf, half chocolate no whip Grande Mocha."

"Okay. That'll be $4.50."

"Oh yeah, extra foam. To go."

You finish typing the man's order in. "Okay. We'll have that at the pickup window for ya in just a minute."

Xavier leans over your shoulder. "I can get that one, Stella."

You turn to the next customer. "Welcome to Java Hut. What would you like to... oh. Hi Findonel." The elf next in line is tall and thin, with long black hair and mirthful grey eyes. He and you have been friends for years. You met in an after school magic club, and you've had a crush on him practically since you met him.

He looks at the menu thoughtfully. "Let's see. How about a Jack Daniel's?"

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