Emma, 23, Sex slave, Floating auction house.

From Create Your Own Story

Emma has brown hair and lovely green eyes and olive skin color, she had sized normal breasts and her pussy was very tight she had only had sex once. Emma was a product of the corporation and because she was a product they “tested” her to make sure she was worth selling. The corporation would grow kids and the men of high quality I.e. big dicks where sold as male slaves to free women, and the poor quality where used as testing dummy’s where they just fucked “products” and sent them on there way or the poor quality impregnated the women used for child birth. As a product the corporation spent all of grade school teaching English etc except history or math or science, anyway after grade school they sat in classrooms where they learned the art of sex. Emma could still remember her desk with a dildo on it in which you rubbed it the best way to get water.Snapped from her memories Emma saw a crowd of white girls connected by chain sold to a glory store, a glory store was where you could get to fuck a pussy in a wall for an hour. The Auction room was large with 50 seats with men all hovering there hands over the buy icon over the selected model. A guard pushed Emma onto the vacant box and a voice said “this model is worth 500 dollars with a clean medical background opening the biding at 550 dollars.”

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