Be bought for 2000 by a rich guy who will bring you to his sex paradise.

From Create Your Own Story

Emma is bought by the rich man who is hard to see but before Emma can do anything she has a collar on with a leash attached to the rich mans wrist watch. She is dragged into a box and is dragged into a boat of some kind until the box is loaded into a room of some kind, Emma is pulled from the box and the man sits in the room with his 10’ cock out and a small vibrator with a wireless remote. Emma asked “what do you want me to do master?” The man said “put on this vibrator while I cum on your body.” Emma complies and puts on the vibrator and the man takes the remote and dials it up to a quarter and Emma falls to her knees , the feeling is to intense she is about ready to squirt when he says put on a show and Emma says through moans “yes master” and she begins to give the man a tour of her body by dancing like a stripper until he turns it up all the way to full she falls to the floor in a screaming orgasmic state until he turns of the power and sprays cum all over her body and says “I own you, know drink that cum up.”

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