Eat the pizza from the box.

From Create Your Own Story

The pizza is delicious-chaotically delicious. You return to plotting your evil plans and thwarting the goodly heroes.

You look at your gigantic (hopefully this is evil too) monitor, and you decide to plot a mission for your minions.

The type of mission you decide to plot is a:

Propaganda Mission (1) (This is only useful for raising Morale, and you can't lose any morale/defense from it.)

Hero Hunt Mission (1) (This increases your alert level (bad), but also increases morale when finished and achieves you one more hero's defeat under your belt.)

Bank Robbery Mission (1) (Bank robberies raise morale and allow you to rebuild defense.)

Your Status of Overlording
Morale: 100%
Alert Level: Green (Very Low)
Defense Level: Strong
Heroes Defeated: 0

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