Hero Hunt Mission (1)

From Create Your Own Story

You send a crack squad of some of your best goons to defeat a lone hero. He's busy speaking to the cops. They're being told your location. The squad arrives on the city street in front of the police station. The squad hide behind cars. The hero is dressed up like a cheesier (and all red) version of Superman, with a domino mask and a red fedora. Guess his name. That's right, Red Man.

Your squad divides into sections on the rooftops and sections hiding on the street. The street division waits around behind cars, while the rooftop division lays down on the roof of the police station, waiting for further order.

The hero has gotten precise directions to your lair so far. You order your minions to:

Listen in more.

Take them out with the rooftop division.

Take them out with the street division.

Open fire on all sides!

Your Status of Overlording
Morale: 100%
Alert Level: Blue (Low)
Defense Level: Strong
Heroes Defeated: 0

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