Dirty Me/It doesn't matter, you can keep a secret

From Create Your Own Story

He retreats behind the desk.

"No worries, Mr. Principal, I can keep a secret. I love you, and don't want to do anything that could hurt you. I won't tell anyone."

He looks at you skeptically. "It doesn't matter. It is not right, and..." He cuts off again, piquing your interest.

"You know, that record you have, it is old. I have had many...lovers," you tell him, watching him flinch as you move closer, pressing against the desk. His eyes flick down time to time, watching your breasts swing, free of any restrictive clothing, before remembering himself and snapping his eyes back to your face. "I was young, and stupid. I still have lovers, ones that no one knows about. But, I don't really love them. I...want someone, someone to love me back. They don't love me, they just use me." You feel a tear come to your eye, while at the same time you see the sympathy show in his eyes again. A mixture of sympathy, horror, and, hidden deep, lust. "I will leave them, leave them all. They are nice, but...for someone real, true, who I can love, I would leave them in a heartbeat. They are just...people who make me feel like I matter." The sympathy grows stronger, and the lust, while the horror retreats. Maybe he is going to accept me, you think to yourself.

His lips part once, his mouth moving without sound, before he closes it. He opens his mouth again to speak, the words coming out this time. "It isn't right. We can't do anything. We can't be together. You need to put your shirt back on and leave, now." His protests seem less forceful this time, weaker.

You hold his gaze, drinking in his beautiful eyes, imagining those lips on you. You can feel his resolve weakening, but, is it worth it to try to keep pushing him when you know, technically, he is correct? That student/administration relationships aren't allowed? Then again, you are 18, an adult now. Maybe it is time the world stopped trying to treat you as a child. You outgrew childhood years ago.

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