Dirty Me/Keep pursuing him, he is almost yours

From Create Your Own Story

He seems like he does want you, just that he is hung up on rules and regulations. I hate rules and regulations, you think to yourself. He is mine, and I will claim him.

You lift yourself onto his desk, which he insists on trying to hide behind. Your legs swing to a kneeling position before you shift them, pulling them in front of you until you are sitting on the desk. "I am 18, more than old enough to be with you," you remind him.

"It doesn't matter. The school code..." You shift again, interrupting him, as you spread your legs and place one to either side of him. "You are a student!" he almost squawks.

"I am a woman," you remind him, as if your breasts, exposed to his occasional glance, doesn't prove that. Your legs wrap around him, pulling him towards you. He doesn't even bother to resist by this point. "I am your woman," you tell him in a husky growl.

Wrapping your arms around him, you pull him hard up against your body. "Does this feel like a little girl's body? The rules are stupid."

You feel the buttons of his shirt pressed up against your sternum, your breasts mashed against it, the muscles beneath rippling slightly.

Grasping his head, you pull his face down to yours in a kiss. At first, his lips sit motionless against you as he continues trying to resist. Hot air warms your cheek as he inhales and exhales through his nose, trying to keep his lips from responding. Playfully, you bite his lip, bringing a slight cry from him. His body feels so warm, so nice, but so rigid as he tried to prevent what is happening. It doesn't matter, he is yours.

Eventually, his lips move, giving in, returning the kiss. His arms wrap around you, pulling you against him forcefully, knocking the breath out of you with a slight grunt. His lips part, his tongue probing, working its way between your lips. His hand rests on the middle of your back, the other coming up, taking your head, pushing your mouth against him as his breathing speeds up. While before, you just tasted his breakfast on him, now you taste his lust, rising up in him. Your lips part, letting his tongue in, as your tongue finds his, tasting each other. Locked together like this, you breath in his air as he exhales, while he does the same when you exhale.

He loosens up slightly, allowing both of you to breath in fresh air as you continue exploring each others mouths. Your hands move down, tugging out his shirt, connecting with his skin, taunt over well defined muscles. You run your hands up and down his back as the kiss continues, luxuriating in the feel of his smooth, soft skin, his hard body, your hand absorbing the sensation of him.

Your hands work their way around front, feeling his sexy stomach. You wonder, locked in a kiss with him, if your hands should move further down him, or if you should work on your own clothes.

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