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This story has some elements that happened to me in real life, some that are things I have thought about, and some that are made up just to give options in a CYOA.

I try to create this as a realistic story, so while it will have sex throughout, and is about the sexual exploits of me and/or others, it is not a pure sex story and, I hope, will show realism.

That means, real actions, real consequences. It will have rape, torture, STIs, pregnancy, kidnapping, death, incest, and other things I think about. This is about a girl (Or guy, if someone decides to write that story path), who is growing up, experiencing the real world, and seeing both the heartfelt love, and the horrors, that is real life.

If someone decides to create a branch, please first check with me. Leave me something under the page you wish to create the branch for in the discussion tab. Let me know what you are thinking of. Leave a message on my talk page. Something, because if it seems completely unrealistic to me, or is horribly written, or whatever, I will delete it.

That doesn't mean I will drop ideas for bad writing or for something I am unfamiliar with. If you want to do something, and have a great idea, but do not have the writing ability to make a good story about it, no problem. Write out your idea and leave me a note to look it over and rewrite it. Some of my story ideas comes from rewriting things people have sent to me in my voice. For example: People have sent me their sexual fantasies, and I have rewritten it from my point of view, or made the story flow more smoothly.

I am open to new ideas and new fantasies, so please do not be discouraged.

If you feel you would like me to put something in, but do not want it to be publicly seen, you can send an email to my gmail account at dirtylittlemestorytime@gmail.com .

A little about me. I stated that it will have certain types of things. I will include some of my personal experiences with drug use. I will also include some of my personal experiences of being raped. If you do not like reading about what it is like to be raped, since I will write about the reality of it, not the fun fantasy stuff, please do not read those parts. It will be quite clear.

Please also note, I have done many of the things I will write about. I am pregnant as I write this. I have participated in group sex, anonymous sex, been publicly used. I have tried to commit suicide, and have tried prostituting myself. If these things become uncomfortable, please skip this story. It will not be all fun and games. It is a story of life, just with more sex than a normal "Growing up" tale.

I have started to add the HTML to the pages, however, it is hidden comments on the pages. How to find it, click edit, then look for everything between the <!-- and the -->. You can copy all of it and paste it. I may also have other notes between different <!-- and --> things, so be sure to read around.

Please use your favorite HTML editor. Personally, I use Notepad++ for this.

Copy the page name as the name, for example, for the first page, Dirty Me, you will name it "Dirty Me.html", then copy all the HTML and paste it into your HTML document.

You can find the pages that I have included the html for in the Dirty HTML categories. If it isn't in this category yet, sorry, I haven't completed the HTML for it yet.

For the pages that start with Dirty Me/Page name (For example, I have posted the HTML for Dirty Me/I'm just a girl), the Dirty Me will be a folder called "Dirty Me", and the HTML file name will be "I'm just a girl.html". Do not name it "Dirty Me/I'm just a girl.html", because it will not work. I have not done all pages in HTML yet, so there is not much (In fact, right now I only have two), but maybe this will be good for those who wish to create their own HTML style book to use on their computer.

Since even hidden, or wiki code blocked things mess with images in the story, I will post the image in the HTML like this: http : // link. Please remember to remove the spaces between the http and :, the : and the //, and the // and the link, or else they will not work properly. Sorry, but this is the only way to give the full html without spam flags.

As long as you put it together, for example, put "Dirty Me.html" on your desktop (or documents, or whatever), then the folder called "Dirty Me" with all the other .html files inside that folder, then no matter where it is, it should work correctly. You can put it on a USB, SD card, somewhere on your computer, etc.

  • Future paths:
    • Glory Hole (Mostly done up to my personal experiences, will create new material to finish the path)
    • Prostitution
    • Party Girl (Already started this a little)
    • Rape (One of my real experiences already done, need to figure out if/how I will put my second, or if I will bring story driven rapes in)
    • Suicide (There are a couple of these currently)
    • Being bullied (Hit on this a little on the school path that so far has been written to my rape)
    • Being the "other woman"
    • Online hookups
    • Public use (Most of this path has been done, but I may add others, or add to the actual path)
    • Flashing (Done with one of my major flashing paths, still trying to figure out where I will go from there, and what other options I will work with)
    • Sex slavery
    • STI
    • Marriage
    • Pregnancy (Hit on one of these with one of the rape paths. Not all pregnancy will come about from horrible events though)

    Please note, some of these branches may be part of other listed branches. These are just the areas that I already have an understanding of where I will be going with my story. Many of these I have already written short stories about, so the main part of the stories are already made, I just need to figure out how I want to link it together and what paths some of these will take.

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    Please note, all copyrights are already owned by me in the case of existing stories that I have already placed in my Dirty Me story. It is the alternate paths and connecting material that is new. Please feel free to visit my page, where the original story paths come from, at my blog dirtylittlemestories.blogspot.com and message me if you wish to confirm copyright ownership.

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