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Scratch pad.

Dream about nudity, exposure, embarrassment

Camping trip > First time seeing glory hole

Want to try to experiment with glory holes? Or did it eww out or something else that turned me off for it?

Back home

From home:

Start using again

Become the party girl or sell self for money for drugs

Get pregnant? STI? Beat? Murdered? Raped?

Start flashing. Remember past instances of flashing and why behind it.



Raped by classmate

Keeping reputation to just horrible, not slut, now that in new school. Do I want to let myself enjoy classmates? Reputational issues.


Bathroom stall? Sex? Phone number?

Phone sex?

Other areas:

Based on my real experiences

Public use

Other woman

Fantasy dreams? Internet stranger?



Porn? Pornstar? Self esteem? Explain what sex is used for.

Arrest? Overdose?



Continue discussing my other relations with my cousins? Do I want to do incest stuff? Not really exciting, just guys, but can I do a good story for it?

How far from my real experiences? Abuse? Molestation? When I was really molested, or have father/uncle/cousin molest too?

Do I want to show my second rape? Will the reader understand why it is rape, or just see as a naughty story.

More ideas later.

Party Girl:

Include "Dirty Little Tease"

Passed out, taken advantage of

stripping in front of everyone

Feeling hot, taking off clothes little by little. Ecstasy? Go to bedroom with one of the other attendees? With multiple attendees? Recorded?

Tied to table

Model? Nude shots, partially nude shots?

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