Day Out

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You wake up to the sound of your phone alarm going off. Sluggishly, you drag yourself out of your bed and stand up. Checking the time on your phone, it’s currently 9 am. You stretch, and head to the kitchen to grab something to eat for breakfast. You still live with your parents, but you know it’s only going to be temporary, as you have already made plans to buy an apartment. Heading into the kitchen, you notice a note sitting on the counter.

You pick it up and read it:


We’ll be out for a couple of weeks, we were invited on a cruise by some of my friends from work. Sorry for not telling you sooner. We don’t expect to be out for too long, but we’re not sure yet. Remember that you do have time off since your store is being remodeled for renovations. You should have enough food to at least last 3 weeks, but you should still have enough money in your checking account to go get something if you need to.

Love you!


Jogging your memory, you remind yourself that the store you work at did close for renovations last Friday and doesn’t plan to reopen for the next few months as they had to tear down the entire store. Then the moment of realization hits you: your parents are out of town for God knows how long, and you now have all the time in the world to do whatever you want.


This thought starts to give you some wild ideas, but you put them aside to decide what to do next, perhaps you’ll come up with something better as you go along.

What is your next move?:

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