Let's get started. Check yourself out in the mirror.

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to get a good look of yourself in the mirror.

Well you are a boy, at least last time you checked, with brown hair and brown eyes. Your pretty chubby for your age, sporting a pair of moobs and a noticeably round butt, but you at least consider yourself attractive, even if you’re a bit self conscious. Currently the clothing you’re wearing consists of a normal white t-shirt, black sleep shorts with briefs underneath, and a pair of white ankle socks.

As for how you feel... you're feeling pretty normal at the moment. Not sick thankfully. Although the ideas flowing through your head speak otherwise. You’ve known for quite awhile that you are into exhibitionism, but never had the guts to try. Given the time you have now, you think now might be the best and only time you may be able to try it for real.

As you stare at yourself through the mirror, your lewd thoughts have started to make you slightly erect, leaving a barely noticeable bulge in your shorts.

Perhaps you might want to get a head start on your exciting day?:

Exposure Alone Clothing

T-Shirt and Shorts

Health Normal
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