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You look at your husband and say, "I dare you to lick my asshole."

You slowly get into position to enjoy the anticipation of his tongue and feel shivers run up and down your spine as you feel his breath on your add. A moment later you feel his tongue make contact and let out a moan of pleasure. As his tongue slowly moves in circles around your hole you let out a soft moan. As his tongue moves to the center of your asshole and feel the pressure as he slowly pushed against the opening the moans grow louder.

You had been playing the dare game with your husband for a while and neither of you have ever backed down. That being said, you know your husband has been plotting something. You don't know what it is, but it has to be interesting. You feel his tongue leave your asshole and miss the sensation already.

He looks at you and says, "I dare you to have a contest with me."

You find this to be a little concerning since you know he has interesting ideas for contests. Not that it matters, since you will accept regardless. You give a slight smile as you ask, "What kind of contest?"

He smiles back as you and says, "Simple. You convince David to fuck you, while I convince Patricia to fuck me. First to fuck wins."

At first you are completely taken back by what he just said. Granted, the two of you have been role playing for years in regards to fucking your children, but this is taking it far beyond the next level. For a moment you remain silent as the words turn over and over in your mind. John waits patiently as you consider the dare.

Finally you find the words that you need to speak as you say, "You can't possibly mean what you just said. How could you want to actually fuck our own children? Role playing is one thing, but this is ridiculous."

You see him nod and say in a serious voice, "It isn't ridiculous at all. We have both fantasized about them for years. Why not make the fantasies a reality?"

You are momentarily at a loss for words, even though you shouldn't be. The answer should be no, absolutely not, but the idea of actually getting fucked by David is very exciting. You also don't want to admit that the idea of your husband fucking Patricia is almost as exciting as you getting fucked by your son. You can't find your voice for a moment as in internal war is being carries out. Finally, you manage to say, "This is wrong in so many ways." You shake your head, but he can read you to well to know you are actually considering accepting the dare.

He smiles and says, "Think of it as an educational experience for them. We can teach them about sex in a way that no one else ever could. Besides, you know you have to accept the dare."

You cannot fight the slight smile creeping across your face and you cannot deny you are very close to accepting the dare. The entire idea should sicken you, but it doesn't. There is something exciting about the whole thing and you cannot lie to yourself.

He quickly adds, "Besides, it's a chance for you to get a 16 year old to fuck you. You know you want to get a good fucking by David."

Your smile widens as you say, "Of course I want a good fucking by him, and you just want to fuck some 14 year old pussy." You did not mean for that to be out loud, but it is too late to stop yourself.

He smiles in complete agreement with what you just said. Then says, "Not just some 14 year old pussy, but Patricia's 14 year old pussy."

As you give a little laugh, you find the idea of your husband putting his massive dick in your daughter's pussy and filling her with his cum not exactly revolting. You don't know why, but there is something exciting about the entire ordeal. The problem is quite simple, if you accept the dare there will be no going back.

He asks, "Do you accept the dare?"

Do you:

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