DGS/Accept the dare

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You take more time than is necessary before answering. For some reason you want him to think you are considering not accepting. Finally you say, "Fine. It's a dare. What are the rules?"

He gets a wicked grin as he starts. "We can do whatever we want, short of rape, to reach our objectives."

You say, "Good. Rape wouldn't exactly work in my favor." You give your own wicked grin as you say it. You can't believe you didn't bat an eye when he mentioned rape and your daughter in the same sentence.

He smiles at you as he says, "We need video evidence of the progress we are making in order to prove we are telling the truth. We watch the videos and have some great sex. Lastly, the contest starts tomorrow. You are house sitting for your friend during the day, so you can take David with you. That leaves me here with Patricia."

You say with confidence, "I'm looking forward to winning this one. This will be over quickly."

He looks at you and asks, "How can you be so sure you're going to win?"

You say, "It is easier to convince a teenage boy to fuck than a teenage girl." You cannot deny it is the truth. Turn a teenage boy on and he blindly looks for somewhere to stick his cock, even if it is his mother's pussy.

He smiles and says, "That might be so, but I am really good at getting girls into the sack."

You smile right back and say, "We'll see. Right now, mommy needs her gaping pussy filled with her son's big cock."

You let out a moan as you feel him slide his dick into your wet cunt and say, "Mommy, your pussy feel so good wrapped around my dick."

You let out another moan and say, "That's it David, fuck your mommy. Fuck your mommy. Fill mommy's pussy."

You can feel him getting close to climax as he says, "Mommy, I'm going to cum."

You let out a moan as you say, "Fill mommy's cunt with your cum, David. I love the feeling of your cum inside me. Give it to mommy."

He cums hard inside of you and you wish it were your son's cum. You know there will be time for that tomorrow. Right now you need to call it a night. You have a contest to prepare for and sleep is needed.

Do you:

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