Crawl to the front door(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You pull your mouth off of his cock and start to crawl to the front door.

"You didn't like your treat Little Red?"

"No, it was horrible."

"I think you did, but for a neutral opinion why don't I load up the footage of you sucking it to the internet."

"No you can't have, I would have seen the camera."

You say to him hoping it isn't true.

"Take a look above me, you can see one pointing at the front door I've got them all across the downstairs for security reasons."

"They'll hear you blackmailing me telling me it's a minute in my mouth or my ass."

"They're security cameras no sound just pictures, now do you want me to upload it to the internet?"


"Then take them shorts off and crawl up the stairs, you're going to be my Halloween treat."

You slowly stand up and pull the shorts off that you put on instead of the panties that came with the costume and then get back down on your hands and knees.

"Instead of calling you Little Red Riding Hood I should call you Little Sissy White cock." He says laughing "But I'll let you pick a name, make it your favorite singer or pornstar."

The humiliation you're feeling from his laughing is compounded by his request to pick a name for yourself.

"Why can't you just call me Steven?"

"Because I have a man's cock and you have a little sissy cock, I'm naked and you're dressed as a girl so you get a girls name and you get to call me Daddy, but I'll give you until the time you crawl into my room before deciding."

You crawl up the stairs and he follows behind you, you are struggling to think straight unable to believe what's happening, you finally get into his bedroom.

"Okay sit on the bed!" You jump up onto the bed and sit facing him, his cock slowly grows hard as he strokes it. "So what's Daddy going to call you?"

The name of your sister's favorite singer is the only name that pops in your head. "Katy."

Does he?

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