Check on the stables

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Deciding that, what she really needed now, more than anything was to head outside and get the full cooling effect of the night breeze, Jezzi decided to combine it with checking on the animals in the barns. After all, with a potential kidnapper on the loose, who knows if they might go after the livestock? 'Well, anything is a possibility, I suppose' she thought to herself as she wondered about the merits of doing what she intended. It would probably all work out fine, anyway.

Rolling over on her bed, she scooped up the leather chaps and top she had been wearing the day before, and slipped them on. Her sweat-slicked limbs stuck to the leather as she pulled the clothes on, making them stick uncomfortably against her skin. Briefly, she considered putting on something else as well, as the chaps covered only her legs and left her waist (among other parts) uncovered, and the top was designed to go over something else and did not fully fasten at the front. The thought was discarded as quickly as it came. She was going out to cool off, and putting on more clothes would hinder that. Besides, it's not like anyone else would be outside at this time.

Slipping off her bed, she made her way across her bear fur rugs that covered the flagstones of her room, the tiny hairs almost tickling the soles of her feet as she moved to her door. The large oaken obstruction opened easily with a twist of it's cool iron ring, which released the latch and allowed semi-fresh air to rush into her room along with the light from a dozen luminous potted mushrooms that had been kept inside for such an occasion as this - walking through the house at night without the aid of candle light.

Her feet kissed the cool flagstones of the hall, and sent a shiver rushing up her legs and spine. It was a brief respite from the oppressive heat of her room but a welcome one that Jezzi relished for all of the few seconds that it lasted. Once the sensation had passed, she straightened her jacket and strode with purpose down the hall and to the great double-door the led outside of the house, not stopping to collect anything on her way. After all, all the locks were simple bolts and latches, and needed no keys to open. Upon reaching the door, Jezzi swiftly slid the bolts back that were holding it shut and grabbed hold of the door handles. Pausing only to take a breath, she pushed open the doors and supressed a giggle of joy at the onrush of cool night breeze as it flooded into the house, lowering the temperature around her significantly before settling at an even level. Her skin erupted into gooseflesh as the air brushed past and she felt nor pert nipples stiffen in the cold and push slightly against her basic bra. She supressed a shiver as another gust passed between the bared flesh of her inner thighs before stepping outside into the night.

Where should she go now?

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