Head out to the grazing field

From Create Your Own Story

Briskly, Jezzi walked down the cobblestone road towards the fenced off fields, the smooth het unyielding stones being a stark contrast underfoot to the soft rugs of her room. They were chill to the touch, and every step she made resulted in a tiny bit more of the heat that had built up inside her being leeched out by them and into the ground. If she stood still for long enough, she though, the effect would be more pronounced, but the soft breeze of the outside air was more than compensating for that. Besides, she'd set her sights on checking out the fields to make sure that they were all locked up. Perhaps using up some energy in walking over there would help her sleep?

It was only a short few steps to the first gate, and she lightly pushed against it, testing if it was locked. The gate itsself barely nudged and the draw bolt rattled slightly in its socket, confirming for her that the gate was locked tight. Silently she gazed out over the field that was being used for letting the poultry run around in. The field beyond it was currently being used by the cattle, and the third field by the barn was on rotation, being left muddy and fallow for it to recover.

Pushing off from the gate, Jezzi walked further down the path letting the cool wind brush against her skin and bringing a semblance of life to her hair as it was ruffled around. It was a shorter journey to the second gate than it had been from the house door to the first, and she began to whistle a little tune to herself as her shuttered window came into view that looked out over the field. Casually sauntering up to the gate she gave it a tug, finding it locked as well, much as to be expected. Satisfied that both of the near gates were locked and, thus preventing entry from any unwanted animals, Jezzi turned on her heel and looked back at the way she had come. There, the third field lay where she hadn't checked yet, and behind her was the cattle barn. She was feeling quite cool already thanks to the prevailing breeze and figured that she could check out one more location before heading in, or just go back to her room straight away for a nap.

What should she do?

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