Catherine's Tale/ Go ahead and pop one off

From Create Your Own Story

You decide you have the time, and want to see to that little 'itch' betwixt the legs. You never have been one to let an opportunity to slip by, and oh what opportunities there are. You push your blankets down to the foot of the bed, exposing your body to the cool morning air. Your nipples, already hard from thinking about what to do, perk up even more at the suggestion of attention, and your thighs begin to quiver, showing just how horny you are. You reach your hands up to your breasts, cupping them in a soft embrace of the hand, jiggling them as you sit up on the wall above your bed. You then go for the nipples, pulling and twisting, occasionally bringing one up to your face for a good sucking. The sheer pleasure makes you want to moan, but you know you probably shouldn't, as your family is already up. You keep your left hand on your breast, reaching down with your right to pleasure yourself. You're sweating now, beads of it roll down your well toned stomach and across your breasts, just making you that much more enticed. You make rings around the outside of your vagina, each time ending at the hood of your clitoris, making you cringe from the intensity. You continue this until you have fluid dripping from your vagina, and gently push first one, then two fingers inside, making a sound much like handling wet spaghetti. You grunt, it's simply too much to stay quiet about, but you make sure the grunts are low, short, and almost whispers. Sliding your fingers in and out, you decide to stimulate your clit for some added pleasure, and your left hand finally joins in on the fun. Your little 'idea' worked, but a little too good, and you convulse, squirting all over the wall opposite you. You suddenly realize that you're a mess of sweat, spit, and other fluids. You dress quickly, getting into the pajamas you always wear when going to and getting out of bed. You should probably take a shower, but you don't have to, do you...

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