Catherine's Tale

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I am the Turtlenator, this is my first story. I tell stories of class (okay, not class, but certainly above-the-cut) and I would appreciate any help you would offer in holding myself to this standard, editing notwithstanding when you read things in parenthesis (like this, dumb-ass) these are my notes, which should be read in the voice of a tottering, old, cockney Brit, very much unlike the individual I actually am. I won't including anything weird here, just a tall girl and some sexual acts. That out of the way, this story is about a young lady named Catherine.

As Catherine, you were never normal. First of all, you are immensely beautiful (whatever you wish to picture in your head as 'immensely beautiful' feel free to picture it, my description is as follows), your body being the perfect balance of muscular and softness, your ass is supple, your hips wide, thighs thick, waist small, face symmetrical (whatever the hell that means), and breasts bountiful yet perky. Immense, though, does not only apply to the amount of beauty you command, but also your size. No, you aren't fat, you're twelve feet tall. It started in high-school, you believe, like all problems do. Early sophomore year, you began to grow from the little four-foot girl you were to the goddess you appear to be now, striking almost anyone who met you with your sheer size. Your parents aren't filthy rich, but are wealthy enough to provide suitable housing for such a...copious...young individual as yourself. Ah, your parents, Betty and Clark Bisbiere, the daughter and son of German and Irish immigrants, respectively. They've always tried to do best by you, and have turned a blind eye to another affect of your defect: a libido capable of getting you into constant trouble. You're still a virgin though, but not for long: your eighteenth birthday was yesterday, and who better to have spent a birthday with than your little sister. You say little, but she is a year older than you (Ten months if you count them), this still doesn't make up for the fact that she is seven feet shorter than you. She is just as lovely as you, but not quite as vertically gifted, and has always competed with you, though this time you've got here beaten for good.

Now that everyone has been introduced, let's get started, shall we?

You wake up in your room, the sun shining in through the cracks in the blinds, creating little stripes of light on your bed. The air smells of breakfast, coffee, and the sweet smells of various scent producing devices around your room. You assume by the fresh smell of the kitchen that you don't have long before the family comes looking for you, but you always have time for a quick moment with yourself,and you're already naked. Do you...

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