Cassandra - Paper C1F

From Create Your Own Story

Cassandra plays Scissors, you lose yet again.

"Take your bra off." Cassandra simply says, not bothering to add any flavor to her wording, it's a simple command, and yet her face still carries the same cheerful expression as before.

You don't spend much time to consider this aspect too much (not that you wanted to) before you reach behind your back and unclasp the bra, you let the straps to slip gently off your shoulders before pulling the bra away, revealing your bouncy and perky tits, you feel a blush spread across your body as you realize that you're standing there in nothing but your panties, how did you end up losing so badly?

"those are so adorable!" Cassandra giggles as she reaches out and pinches a nipple lightly, you're too shocked at her uncaring behavior, but you can't quite see what you could do about it besides clasping your hands over your breasts.

"You can't keep covering, you need a free hand to play." Cassandra reminded you, you sigh and prepare to play the last hand.

Clothing Bra, polka-dot panties
Orgasms 3
Gender Female
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