Cassandra - Rock D1F

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Cassandra threw paper. You lost all your clothes!

"Wow, you've got really bad luck, you haven't won even once." Cassandra cocks her eyebrow as she proclaims "Are you losing on purpose?"

Cassandra's question and disbelief only makes things more embarrassing, you fumble as you hook your thumbs into the sides of your panties and push them down your hips, you stand there completely naked in front of the fully clothed Cassandra, your free hand naturally move to cover your privates.

"Well, now that you've lost, you have to perform a forfeit for me," Cassandra claps her hands together as she tries to reassure your worries "oh it's okay, since I'm the first opponent, I won't be too harsh on you, but the coming forfeits will be much more... Intensive."

You audibly gulp at the implication as Cassandra decides her forfeit:

"Turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks for me."

You obediently do as Cassandra instructs and reveal your bare pussy to her, you feel your heart beating unusually fast, not to mention you feel especially hot and bothered, even though it's quite embarrassing to do so, you don't think it would be this bad.

You're lost in a haze of conflicting emotions (of which lust seems to be winning out) until Cassandra snaps you out of it:

"Ok, you can stand back up." Cassandra's words seem to bring you back to reality, you regain your senses as you turn to face Cassandra (rather bashfully), her smile seems to be more devious than usual.

"You seemed to have enjoyed that." You're taken aback by her sharpness and, at the same time, bluntness, she's right on the money though, when you ask her how she knew, she just giggles:

"Well, there's magic in forfeits here too, exposing yourself like this is always more exciting in this place." Cassandra explained "Now you can continue if you want, since this is a freebie, but the other opponents won't let you move on until you beat them three times, you will also have to restart the maze if you suffer three forfeits from the same opponent."

You thank Cassandra as you dress again and move forward through the door behind her.

you come to a fork in the hallway.

Clothing Bra, polka-dot panties
Orgasms 3
Gender Female
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