Camp Half-Blood/Follow Her

From Create Your Own Story

For five minutes, during which you have most certainly missed breakfast, you follow the woman. Now you recognize her; a sixteen-year-old daughter of Athena, inheriting piercing green eyes and long raven hair from her mother. Strands of it adorn the valley between her breasts; from your vantage point, you can see them without being noticed yourself. What was her name? Elene. That was it, Elene.

She settles down by the stream, before pulling off her shirt to expose her breasts to the open air. You continue to stare as she slowly removes her pants, then undergarments. You can remember the only child of Poseidon, Percy, telling you the stream is always clean; crystal blue water flows her her ankles as she takes a ginger step into it.

The stream was deeper than you thought; Elene sinks up to her neck in the direct center, before lying on her back. Her raven hair fans out in all directions, and she closes her eyes, facing the sun up above.

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