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Welcome to Boy Princess. Before editing the story you should be aware of those rules. Those rules are pretty strict but I want to ensure the quality of the story. I will not be afraid to enforce these rules and delete any contributions that break them without care. Making a contribution to this story won’t be easy. I entertained the idea of making it private but I also love the idea of creative input from readers and I might just meet some talented users with the same mindset. Rules of editing the story are as follows.

1. This should go without saying but good grammar is necessary. Any contributions that are not in English or littered with spelling errors will be deleted, regardless of the quality of the content.

2. Each new contribution should have a way to continue. They should also be formatted correctly like each contribution before. For more information read the guides on the main page.

3. Each new contribution should be correctly formatted for easy access according to the rules on the main page.

4. Your entry must be at least 2 paragraphs long. One sentence entries will be deleted.

5. This story contains: homosexual romance, homosexual sex, crossdressing, light bondage, various other fetishes and medieval and fantasy elements. If you’re not okay with any of that you’re free to leave. However, negative comments or contributions will not be welcome and will be deleted.

6. Please stick to the themes of the story- cute girly boys. This story is supposed to have light hearted, romantic and erotic tone to it. Any unusual fetishes that do not fit the story (Scat, gore, water sports etc. etc.) will not be welcome and will be deleted regardless of the quality of the writing by the contributor. This story will exclusively feature gay relationship. Any straight or lesbian content will be deleted, regardless of the quality of the writing.

7. Try to keep it light hearted. No rape, death, humiliation (unless consensual and in moderation), enslavement or anything too dark.

8. While this story is sexual it is first and foremost a story. I want the quality of writing to be a part of it. Do not try to rush into sexual encounters. It’s more fun if you work for it.

9. Try to emulate the style of the story. Try to stay in character. Try to maintain t quality of the previous entries.

10. This point might be a little strange but try to focus on more twink style, late teen- early twenties looking men. No offence but there already is a ton of stories on the site featuring older, muscular, bear guys. I’d like to keep this story bear free and give some more feminine guys the spotlight. You’re free to make your own story if that’s a problem.

Well here you have my ten commandments. Hopefully once you made it here you’re ready to contribute to my story (or at least I managed to discourage the bad contributions.). Hope we can all have fun. The rules are a bit strict but I don’t want to see my work shat up too much. If people ignore those rules and I have to delete a ton of trash, one sentence long contributions, full of spelling errors I might just make this story private. Sorry about that. With that said- Hope you enjoy!

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