Boy Princess

From Create Your Own Story

The sunlight breaks thought the silken curtains slowly and travels up to your bed, waking you up. Your big, blue eyes open slowly. The sun shines on your long, silken, gold hair. Making it glisten in the sunshine. You struggle to get out of your large and comfortable bed, hiding your head under the velvet sheets to avoid the light. You try to shut your eyes but sleep just won’t come back.

You are the young Prince Faith of the Capricorn Kingdom. Or perhaps you should say Princess Faith. For since your birth you have been cursed. Your body is weak, sickly, slim and pale. Since childhood you tried your best to become the perfect prince; however, you could never hope to even come close. You fall off every horse, you can barely lift a sword, in diplomatic meetings you are submissive and compromising and you have never had any interest in the fair sex. You spent many long nights crying about your fate. Your father however saw a way you could fit into society. He decided to instead raise you as a daughter. Your pretty and slim frame fit perfectly in the royal dresses. Poetry, cooking, music and arts came to you without problem. Your pretty gold hair grew out and soon no one could tell that there ever had been any prince. You passed for a girl perfectly. And you were happy.

But recently you've started to feel empty.

You hit the age of nineteen. It’s the kingdom’s traditional age for princes to marry. But you are no ordinary prince and you’re not looking for a maiden. You never found girls to be your thing and you’d much rather marry another man. Secretly you have been dreaming about a guy. A very special guy.

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